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For only $25.95/package, you can purchase back issues of our Seriously Fun Training Tips . The Seriously Fun Training Tips Bundles I and II each includes a total of 90 tips – 30 Icebreakers, 30 Energizers and 30 Review techniques in a convenient PDF downloadable file. That's only $0.29/tip. What a great inexpensive way to add some Serious Fun to your Training!

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425 Seriously Fun Ways to Enhance Learning and Make it Stick!
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“Wow, where did the time go? I learned so much!”

Would you like to get this reaction every time you give a workshop, presentation or training session? Now you can, with my new book:

425 Seriously Fun Ways to Enhance Learning…and Make it Stick!

Listed as the #6 best selling business book in Canada by the Globe & Mail.

You’ll get a treasure trove of 425 practical tips, sound advice, and dynamic activities, based on my 25 years of hands-on training expertise with clients across Canada and the US.

The 425 Seriously Fun Ways to Enhance Learning and Make It Stick book is available for purchase from Books for Business.

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The 425 Seriously Fun Ways to Enhance Learning and Make It Stick book is available for purchase from Books for Business.

Here are just a few examples of the Seriously Fun tips you’ll get:

  • 6 Tips for reducing anxiety before your workshop
  • 7 Easy ways to build rapport
  • 6 Steps for managing group work
  • 7 Ways to encourage silent participants
  • 11 Tips for getting management support
  • 7 Techniques for dealing with challenging situations
  • 14 Ways to get learners back from breaks on time
  • 5 Reasons for incorporating reviews
  • 4 Tips for a memorable ending

Plus: 52 Seriously Fun Icebreakers, Energizers, and Review Activities

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Succès sur ordonnance

Book Picture Obtenir l’accès à vos clients. Établir des relations au long cours. Ce sont les clés de la réussite dans le domaine de la vente pharmaceutique. Succès sur ordonnance est le seul livre qui vous indique comment vous pouvez :

  • Établir des relations avec les professionnels de la santé pour augmenter vos ventes
  • Améliorer vos interactions avec vos collègues pour augmenter la productivité
  • Bénéficier de l’expérience des médecins et des leaders de l’industrie
  • Mettre en œuvre des stratégies faciles à utiliser qui vous permettent d’obtenir des résultats immédiats

Rédigé par Christie Sterns, Hélène Meloche et Lynda Goldman, ce livre place nos meilleures idées et techniques au bout de vos doigts.

To purchase, contact Christie Sterns at [email protected] or (416) 402-7685.

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