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The Training Makes Cents Inc. team brings you a wealth of experience to make your training relevant and fun – seriously!

Christie Sterns, President

Photograph After struggling for years to train her two golden retrievers, Chater & CeeJay (Chater Junior), and then waking one morning to find that they had chewed every single one of her shoes, Christie decided that it might be easier to work with people.

Beginning with a few training programs delivered to sales representatives, Christie founded Training Makes Cents Inc. in 1989. Since then, she and her team of talented trainers and program designers have created and conducted sales, communication skills, and management training programs with over 120 different companies.

With a degree from Ryerson University, and five years as a clinical dietitian, Christie completed a Master of Health Science degree in Nutrition and Adult Education from the University of Toronto. She then joined Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd. as the Manager of Sales Training & Development.  She also has her Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP) designation.

CSTD Today, Christie and her team design, develop and deliver real-world training programs that change people’s behaviors. Christie is the author of 425 Seriously Fun Ways to Enhance Learning and Make it Stick! and co-author of the book Prescription for Success – Building Relationships in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries . She is also the creator of the popular Seriously Fun™ Training Tips newsletter and numerous magazine articles for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Marc Lalande, M.Sc. CTDP, CRP, Performance GPS

Photograph Marc is a well-established figure in the health care industry. He is an action-oriented consultant in team performance.  He uses well-recognized competencies and tools to establish performance diagnosis and help organizations sustain post-intervention conditions.  His landmark contributions are: up-front analysis to identify the nature of performance gaps, setting of conditions to trigger and accelerate behavior changes from the targeted audience, post-learning evaluation at the reaction, learning, application, impact, and ROI levels, targeted interventions to sustain conditions supporting the new state of performance.

Marc graduated from Montreal University with a Bachelor degree in Biology and a Master degree in Toxicology.  In 1984 he joined the pharmaceutical industry.  Since then he has occupied many roles in sales and marketing, including Sales Representatives, Field Sales Trainer, Sales Manager, Brand Manager, Group Product Manager, Manager of Sales & Marketing Services, Head of Professional Education, Head of Training and General Manager.  Savvy learner, Marc has completed a number of development programs and certifications throughout his career, including AMA Management certificate, CCPE in adult education, Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP), and more recently the Certified ROI Professional (CRP) with the ROI Institute.

After working with each other for over 15 years as client/supplier/collaborator, Marc and Christie felt they had so much more to offer to their clients by joining forces whenever possible.

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Hélène Meloche, Consultant

Photograph Hélène Meloche is a consultant who is passionate about her work. She is known for her professionalism and dynamism.

Hélène works on an international level facilitating seminars and conferences in the Canada, U.S., Europe and Africa.  She was a regular consultant/trainer to the World Trade Institute of Pace University in New York for 6 years.

She is the designer of the very effective HMC "Time Management System" which is used by thousands of representatives and managers every year.  She is also the co-author of the book Prescription for Success.

After studying psychology at the University of Ottawa, Hélène worked as a training consultant for Devcom Systems for Productivity of Montreal. She joined Mead Johnson as a National Sales Training Manager in 1985 and in 1992 became the Manager for Professional Development for Bristol Myers. In this capacity, Hélène had the opportunity to travel Canada from West to East Coast delivering Management Workshops to Hospital Administrators and different associations related to Health Care.

Hélène has been affiliated with Training Makes Cents Inc. since 1993.

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